Club Championships

"The draw, when is the draw out".

"It'll be out Monday, yeah Monday maybe about 9"

"Grand, We'll be down then"

And so it begins. The entries are in, singles, doubles, mixed. Lists are made, seedings debated, numbers drawn, the crowd awaits. Mixed doubles, then the mens and womens doubles, finally the men and womens singles are called. Some of the matches draw comment and ooohs from the assembled. Knowing glances among the more seasoned members as to the likely outcomes of matches. Clear paths for some not so for others. It is now set in stone, or at least a4 copies as we await the schedule of matches to begin.

That was already a week ago and the championships for 2016 are in full swing. We have been very lucky with the weather so things are moving along 'relatively' well. Being both player and part organiser this year, I have had occasion to sit, watch and listen to the drama that is a tennis championship in a small rural tennis club in Ireland. I would never have anticipated how much this captures the attention and feelings of all concerned. Hotly anticipated matches are well attended with mini-commentaries on going as to the reasons for the ebb and flow of the participants. People considered social tennis players become ruthless in their dispatch of forehand drives down the trams. Excitement builds and fades as the teams and individuals realise or fritter away their dream of winning a trophy.

It is truly magical and a tribute to all concerned.

And so it will continue, hopefully so please check back into here or our facebook page for more updates.

Clane Tennis Club.