Finals Eve

–The finals are tomorrow – should be a good day
–Yeah – two pints please – hard to call the games
— I’d call them tough, but I suppose that’s where you want to be.
–Having it tough? Don’t know about that now.
–No no I mean having to test yourself, you know pushing yourself, to win. Pit yourself against the greatest. Seek out the adulation and love of the crowd as you run down your opponent over 3 magnificent sets of gruelling intensity.
–We are talking about the club championships arent we?
–Ah yeah, getting carried away, it is great though?
–You Luadhraman. yeah, but its more than that.
–What do you mean?
–Well its being part of the whole thing, isnt it. Getting out to compete, having the crack, watching the games with a mug of tea and some of that delicious apple tart. Jaypurs Im making myself hungry now.
–And the fitness, don’t forget the fitness. My resting heartrate is the same as Conor McGregor’s.
–That’s some rest you must do.
–Anyway I wonder what they are doing now.
–Probably getting sick on themselves Like O’Gara. Or checking the strings and all that.
–Ah jaysus I’d doubt it. Anyway I meant Pep and Jose, I bet their getting sick on themselves. See you down here for the game and then we’ll head down and watch real sport.
–Yeah, see you then

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